Channel Marketing Service

Rental Avenue's new channel marketing service is guaranteed to bring your vacation rental(s) more exposure, more inquiries, and more bookings!  Rental Avenue will post your property on 40 top vacation rental directory sites for only $199!  This service places your property and availability on a variety of top websites around the world, expanding your pool of potential renters and improving your Google Page Rank. 

Guests trying to find a vacation rental want to book online, the same way they make their air, car and hotel reservations.  By posting your Rental Avenue universal online calendar and reservation system on 40 top travel website your property gets reservation requests sent directly to you that you can confirm or decline with the push of a button. 

Your Property and Availability Gets Listed on 40 Top Travel Websites:
- Google Base
- Back Page
- Beach House
- Real Adventures
- Craigslist
- Tenant
- RentJills House 
- Hutz

...and more.

For a Complete list of all the sites, Click Here

Here's how it works:

1. We take all the property data you entered into your Rental Avenue Account including availability and photos, and post it on 40 top travel websites.

2. We link your availability calendar and online booking system to these 40 top travel websites driving  guests to your online reservation system where they can make online booking requests.

3. A special GMail e-mail account is created for inquires so that when guest inquire about your rental, an auto reply from you is generated, thanking the guest for their inquiry about your rental and directing them to your website and Rental Avenue Account where they can find more information about your rentals and make an online reservation request using MC/VISA.  All the e-mails are forwarded to your regular e-mail account so you can also send a personal reply.


Click the Marketing Channels link in your Rental Avenue to purchase the Directory Submission service for one property. If you have multiple properties you would like to submit, please contact sales.

MONEYBACK GUARANTEE! If you do not receive a reservation within 120 Days, we will issue a 100% Refund